Writing a fictionalized memoir

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Writing a fictionalized memoir

Blog Fictionalized Memoir Memoirs are different from autobiographies because they are about specific moments in time instead of offering a look at a chronological period of time.

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Fictionalized memoirs are different from standard memoirs because of the inclusion of fiction or fictional writing techniques.

If the names or places of a memoir are changed to protect those involved, then this would be classified as a fictionalized memoir. Each person who witnesses an event may experience it and remember it in a very different way.

It simply means that what is fact for them could be fiction to someone else who was also there. Fictionalized memoirs contain all of the elements of any other good story.

It will be rich in conflict and drama. There will be dialogue included that helps to push the story arc forward toward a natural conclusion. Scenes and details will be offered in all of their descriptive glory.

Memoirs identify special moments and memories that also help to move the narrative forward to a natural conclusion. This allows the writer to include personal thoughts and feelings that happened in real time in a real writing a fictionalized memoir, yet be able to do so in a relatively safe literary environment thanks to the fictional elements.

Then there is the final reveal which must take place. This is the moment when there is one truth revealed or a revelation occurs so that the reader understands the point the writer is trying to make with their memoir. That makes complete sense. It can be very easy to include side memories, flashbacks, flash-forwards, and personal tangents as the story develops.

Although these may be factual elements that occurred during that point in time, the memoirs themselves need to stay focused on the overall story arc that is being included.

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This allows the reader to stay on the journey toward that final reveal. Focus also must occur with the details that are included within the narrative. A story must give a reader some sort of an emotional response for the narrative to have meaning.

Any emotion will work: It can also be a good thing to combine conflicting emotions, such as horror and love, to create a compelling scene which hooks the reader and never lets them go. Sometimes taking legal action is absolutely the right thing to do.

From a writing perspective, the fictionalized memoir allows a writer to embrace the creative process without a disclaimer because the fiction techniques create a compelling story.

Especially when that style of writing is compared to the type of nonfiction memoir which has a narrative created to avoid any litigation whatsoever. The one fact that all memoirs have is that it is the writer who is determining what truth happens to be within their narrative.

When that truth conflicts with acceptable societal truths or may hurt the character of someone else, then the possibility of litigation exists.

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This is what determining what is fact and what is fiction — or what can be offered as fact through fiction — is so important to do within the structure of fictionalized memoirs. A Fictionalized Memoir Should Still Be a Personal Reflection Even with the need to avoid litigation and the desire to include fictional elements like conflict and drama, a fictionalized memoir must still be a direct personal reflection of the writer for it to be meaningful.

writing a fictionalized memoir

The thoughts and reflections of the writer during the most important parts of their life must always revolve around the theme of the book and come from a very real place for it to matter.

When this all comes together, then a very meaningful story can be created. This is the power of the fictionalized memoir and why it should be embraced.Books shelved as fictional-memoir: Freaks I've Met by Donald Jans, A Million Little Pieces by James Frey, Let Me Off at the Top!: My Classy Life and Othe.

It is always such a touchy subject for people and somehow this device you use broadens the scope not just for writers to examine their material but for readers to understand the essential place that fiction holds in memoir writing of any kind.

Fictionalized memoirs are different from standard memoirs because of the inclusion of fiction or fictional writing techniques. If the names or places of a memoir are changed to protect those involved, then this would be classified as a fictionalized memoir.

The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts is a book written by Chinese American author Maxine Hong Kingston and published by Alfred A. Knopf in The book blends autobiography with what Kingston purports to be old Chinese folktales, although several scholars have questioned the accuracy and authenticity of these folktales..

The Woman Warrior won the National Book Critics . Should you write a memoir, or write a novel "based on a true story"? Here, Joan Jackson offers four advantages to fictionlizing the truth. The Market for Memoirs By: Jessica Strawser | October 5, Objectivity can be hard for even the most skilled writers to achieve—particularly when the stories they’re writing are, by definition, personal.

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