Write any book in 28 days or less

Nick Resources coursetrainingwccl I am probably best known online as the author of a number of writing courses that I created for the electronic publishing house WCCL also known as The Self Development Network. I am no longer working with WCCL except as an affiliate but I still get lots of queries about these courses. Nowadays they offer over seventy products in a range of categories, but this course is the one that started it all!

Write any book in 28 days or less

Eventually you will need to sit down and decide who your characters are. You will need to know them and how they will react in certain situations.

write any book in 28 days or less

Personally I like to interview my characters to see what comes out in their personality. Ask them important questions about what is going on in the story and what they would truly do as your changes in plot start to take place. Step Four Days Write about 2, words for each chapter.

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Of course you can write more or less than this for each chapter, but you want to stick to your 2, word count for the day. If you don't, you will not make the 50, words in a month. Don't edit as you go. You can edit when the first draft is finished.

The idea is to write as fast as you can. If you find you need to go back to add something in a previous chapter, write a note where you are now and highlight it so you can come back on Day 28 to add it.

Step Five Day Fix the Plot Holes Those notes you made a long the way? Go back and add that information to fill in the holes.

Holes are something that take time to fix. When you find them, you will most likely have to change something else in the book to make things correct.

This is when having a first reader or someone who is an editor read your book. They can usually catch the holes and inconsistencies you made that you might not have seen on your second pass through the book. The easiest way to make sure you catch them all is to read through the entire manuscript with a red pen or red type on your word processor and then mark it as you go, making the changes as you go or making notes about larger changes to come back to to fix.

Then when you have more time, come back to fix those bigger problems so you can complete the manuscript and start sending it out to agents.

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Step Six Day It may take you a while. As you go look for easy grammar mistakes that you can fix now that will make the major edits later easier. Step Seven Day Print out the Book and Relax Print out your entire manuscript and place it somewhere you can come back to in a month or so.

You need a break.

write any book in 28 days or less

Pop a cold one and sit back and relax. You just wrote an entire novel in 30 days. I find books about writing is something that will help you over humps in your own writing.

Don't get me wrong, I would not buy a bunch of different books about writing. I would just find one or two that fit your personality and read them; keep them on your bookshelf so you can go back to them when you need them.

To be honest, no one can tell you how to write.

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Only you can make yourself write. The only thing these books might be able to do is give you a few tricks that might make the process of writing a little bit easier.Write Any Book In Under 28 Days. My original, top-selling CD course is crammed with ideas, information and advice for anyone would like to write a book - whether for .

Popular articles are How to Write a Book in 60 Days or Less and How to Be a Great [ ] Savoring Life's Little Indulgences - April 21, K. Stone, author of Life Learning Today, a .

Write Any Book in Under 28 Days (also referred to as The Nick Daws Course) is the first course I ever wrote for WCCL. It's also the first they ever published. Nowadays they offer over seventy products in a range of categories, but this course is the one that started it all!

May 13,  · "Write Any Book in Under 28 Days" is actually supplied on CD rather than as an instant download. The course takes you through every stage of writing a book, from coming up with an idea to marketing the finished manuscript.

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Step One (Day One): Choose a Storyline

The course will be shipped to you tomorrow and should arrive shortly. When it appears, we guarantee you'll be knocked over by the secrets inside. Read them with care, and don't share them too easily. It’s entirely possible to write YOUR novel in 28 short days, working less than the time it takes you to watch the evening news.

Stephen King does it. So did Mark Twain, Jack London, Ray Bradbury, Diane Booher, Agatha Christie, Nick Daws, Isaac Asimov, Samuel Johnson and Charles Dickens.

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