What factors need to be considered

It takes careful planning, attention to detail and effective communication to make a project succeed. With vigilant management and a strong project closing, a company can consistently reach project success.

What factors need to be considered

October 8th, When organizing an event, you are confronted by many decisions. Choosing a venue is the one decision that will have the largest impact on your event.

Does this sound a bit intimidating? Here are some guidelines about when to make decision, what to consider, and how to do better. When to Start Looking for a Venue The earlier the better. Once you have a good understanding of the following 3 things, you can begin your search for a venue: Book a venue at least months in advance so that you will have enough time to plan other critical things, such as catering, event brochures, an websites.

For the planning, are you using any time-saving tools? If many attendees will be traveling from out of town, a venue near the airport or their hotels will be beneficial.

Would you like to reduce the chance for your attendees to be late? Provide them with a mobile event appwhich is essentially a standard these days. If the venue is within a large campus or institute, maps with pins especially help a lot.

For events with exhibitions, posters, or parallel sessions, interactive indoor maps will help attendees conveniently navigate. Take a look at Whova as an example. Not a Tech Geek? Parking Does the venue have a parking lot or valet parking?

A venue with a parking lot is what dreams are made of. You can reserve nearby parking lots for your attendees and either include the cost in the ticket prices, or have attendees pay when they park. Take a look at Uber and Lyft discounts offered for events. You can negotiate with them to set this up and distribute the promo code to your attendees.

Provide a way for attendees to share a ride or a cab with each other. It would also be a good chance for them to interact with each other. An event app like Whova provides the Bulletin Board and a group chat feature to help on this, so check it out.

Providing a valet may be essential if the event is an upscale event such as a gala. And second, there are fire and safety codes that the venue has to abide by.

Negotiate whether they can provide complimentary service e. How to make adjustment based on attendee feedback? You can easily headcount or collect instant feedback through live polling on an event appwhich save you time and money.

See how other organizers leverage live polling: Services and Amenities Does the venue have a kitchen and can it provide catering to your event?

If so, often a venue will waive the facility fee and only charge a down payment along with the cost of food for each attendee.

You may want to check their food in advance. So, either go with a venue that serves great food or allows you to bring in outside food vendors. Does it have tables, chairs and linens you can use?

What factors need to be considered

If a venue has these items, you can save a great deal of money and effort by using what they have, assuming it matches your theme and ambiance. Does it have AV capabilities? Some venues have a built in audio-visual equipment for you to use, and others will require you to bring that in yourself.

While narrowing down your selection, get an illustrated floor plan of each venue, and walk through your favorites at least once, making note of important things such as where the outlets are and where AV equipment is or can be located.

The layout and floor plan will greatly affect a few different aspects of your event: Flow of traffic Think about the flow of traffic through your event.

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What areas will be high traffic at the event? Keep this in mind when choosing your venue, realizing that how you setup the tables and decor will greatly affect this as well.5 Key Factors to Successful Strategic Planning. In our experience, there are 5 critical factors that will ensure your strategic plans are successfully implemented.

1. Engagement “Organizations need the courage to try something risky that they don’t know will work. Why? The first factor that needs to be considered in the design of a space suit is what will the suit be used for?

There is no universal suit. The suits are designed for particular mission needs. The purpose of market research is to open your eyes to what you need to do in order to get the most business benefits possible out of your marketing campaign.

Making sure that you consider the five market research factors above will make sure that you aren’t approaching your . months. Which of the following factors does Richard need to consider in regard to the quality of these estimates? Answer Selected Answer: b. Planning horizon Question 21 4 out of 4 points Ed is looking over the actual results of projects and comparing them to what was estimated.


He notices that the projects that took six months or longer to complete were noticeably more off the estimates%(31). Be systematic and realistic as you consider the following 10 location points.

Start Slideshow. Small-package couriers need to get in and out quickly; trucking companies need adequate roads and. Following are the main factors must be consider by budget team while preparing budget. Sale/income, Cost / expenses & Funds available, balances.

All these working must be sported by best estimate available to Company.

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