The importance of bridges to society essay

Full Answer Before a television show or feature film is made, script writers conduct research to help them render the characters and world of the production in a way that will feel real and accurate to audience. Actors often use research to figure out how to play their roles well, by interviewing people with the same life experience as the character. Corporations that produce consumer products or mass-market goods often rely on Research and Development departments to help them improve their products.

The importance of bridges to society essay

In the US during the s and s, massive and strategic investment was made to build world-class interstate highway systems and transportation infrastructure.

The Importance of Bridges: | Center for Teaching and Learning

All this contributed in making our country the undisputed world leader and an economic superpower. Investment in surface transportation helps to connect people, drive commerce and maintain global competitiveness.

At the aggregate level, efficient transport systems reduce costs in many economic sectors by providing better accessibility to markets, increasing employment, bringing in foreign investment and improving global presence of countries. Transport carries an important social, economic and environmental load, which can never be over-stated.

The socio-economic significance of infrastructure development is extensive. Economies that possess greater mobility are often those with better opportunities to develop, than those with scarce mobility. Reduced mobility impedes development while greater mobility is a catalyst for development.

Better roads and connectivity can translate into massive savings, both for the state as well as citizens. Transportation also weaves a complex web of relationships between consumer, manufacturer and distributor.

The productivity of space, capital and labor is enhanced with the efficiency of distribution and personal mobility. A more efficient distribution and procurement network directly results in lesser prices for consumers. This is because transportation costs form a major chunk of the total cost of each output in manufacturing.

Wider reach to business. With better transport facilities there is access to a wider market or consumer base which leads to better economies of scale in production, distribution and consumption.

Better and diverse products.

The importance of bridges to society essay

Good infrastructures give access to larger and diverse base of quality inputs, and broader markets for diverse outputs. This is good for the consumer as well as the manufacturer. When transportation is efficient, there is a wider market for goods and services, resulting in increased competition.

A wider array of goods and services to choose from, reduced cost and improved quality are some of the benefits passed on to the consumers.

Also, this promotes innovation and technological advancement. Transportation development and improvement that took place since industrial revolution has shaped and transformed economies and social geography of nations. Attractive to foreign investors.

Excellent infrastructure has always made the US an attractive destination for global corporations to invest and do business in. Good connectivity lowers transport costs, and contributes to reliable and cost-efficient supply chain management.

A poor transport service level can negatively affect the competitiveness of regions and corporations, and thus have a negative impact on the brand value of our country.

Attractive to new-age businesses. When an economy shifts from being manufacturing-based to service-based, there is more orientation towards efficiency of logistics and urban transportation. An infrastructure that grows and evolves to support the changing needs of the economy is attractive to both businesses as well as stakeholders like new-age employees and students.

A growing economy opens up new and expanding range of employment potential as well. New businesses and sunrise industries are voracious creators of job opportunities. Transport systems need to evolve in time and space as they include the timing and the nature of the impact of transport on economic development.

Social effects of transportation infrastructure Roads and bridges change the face of landscapes. Increased connectivity brings societies closer to the outside world, and brings in influences from far and wide.

The societal and cultural impacts are many. Though societies on the whole reap benefits of growing and improved connectivity, some people enjoy it more than the others.

Higher the income, the more the opportunity to benefit from infrastructure growth and economic opportunities.The Importance of Education in Our Society Essay The Importance of Education in Our Society In our culture today, there is a huge emphasis on education, especially higher education.

The Importance of Bridges: | Center for Teaching and Learning

Society basically says the more educated you are, the better off you are. Bridges, highways, drinking water- just a few necessities to the modern world, made possible by engineers throughout history, specifically civil engineers.

Tracing back to BC, civil engineering has revolutionized the lifestyles of the world show more content. Importance Of Bridges. is the importance of Alfieri, both when he is talking directly to the audience, and his relationship with the other characters?

In A View From The Bridge, the character of Alfieri has a very interesting role throughout the only he is the narrator, but also he is the only character that can foresee the direction of the play.

The importance of bridges to society essay

The Role of Police in Society Essay Words | 6 Pages. The Role of Police in Society In today's society the police, play may roles. They are the peacekeepers, law enforcement and many other jobs.

However, recently they have become the subject of a very heated and large debate. About the Speaker. Lisa DuPree McNair is an Associate Professor of Engineering Education at Virginia Tech, where she also serves as Assistant Department Head of Graduate Education and co-Director of the VT Engineering Communication Center (VTECC).

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Globalization is building bridges to connect people from all across the world and it plays an important role in understanding inter-cultural background of different countries.

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