Rainforest projects

We will look at both types of rain forests, tropical and temperate. We will explore the differences and similarities of the two types of rain forests. Think there are only two types of rainforests?

Rainforest projects

News Rotary in the Rainforest Rotary International is dedicated to humanitarian action, especially in areas of education, water and sanitation, and economic development, and works through local organizations who are uniquely capable of evaluating and implementing these programs in an effective manner.

Ape Action Africa works closely with its neighbors in the communities surrounding the Mefou National Park in rural Cameroon, through programs for education, sanitation and development, all to benefit conservation of the primates and to improve the lives of the people who share their forest.

Rotary in the Rainforest is an initiative that brings the two together. See more on our projects below. If you are a Rotarian and would like to become involved, please email me, Susan.

We'd love to have you! Classroom for Primary School, November, Oveng is one of five Mefou communities actively working in partnership with Ape Action Africa, and it has to have some of the Rainforest projects dedicated community members and one of the neediest schools.

Through Rotary in the Rainforest, the Oveng grade school is about to Rainforest projects into a new classroom, which will allow more students to attend school, and even to hold classes when it rains. Which happens a lot in the rain forest.

The Oveng primary school that you see here provides instruction for up to students in six! Teachers prepare and deliver two sets of lessons every day, for each of the two grades they teach.

Since then, community members have formed thousands of construction blocks, and the staff of Ape Action Africa has assisted and coached them through construction of the new classroom. Rotary funded the cost of materials, but the labor of love is all Cameroonian.

Rainforest projects

It's almost finished - damaging storms temporarily reassigned the crew - keep posted for final pix! Despite "rustic" facilities, these teachers teach!

Palo Rotarians breaking ground on much-needed classroom. Brick making went on full time. Ape Action Africa works closely with its neighbors in the communities around the Mefou National Park, through programs for education, sanitation and development, all to benefit conservation of the primates and the people who share their forest.

Sensory. art. play-based learning.

Ape Action Africa and community delegates first selected the schools most in need of improved sanitation facilities and worked with the communities to coordinate roles. Each community was responsible for digging its sanitation pit according to specifications, then Ape Action construction staff and community members worked together to build the structures.

With Rotary as its funding partner, Ape Action purchased building materials and transported them to the building sites. Rainy season travel challenges were met by staging materials at various waypoints for onward transport by smaller trucks, and the construction crew did double duty with loading and unloading.

When the weather and work schedules cooperated - the construction crew is responsible for all the animal enclosures and human facilities at the sanctuary - the dedicated crew made quick work of laying the reinforced concrete floor, raising and reinforcing concrete block walls for the four individual rooms, forming doors and windows, adding the roof, and expertly adding finishing plaster inside and out.

In six different locations! The latrines were dedicated and handed over to the government in Novemberin a festive all-day celebration full of speeches, music and dancing. Teachers and top students from the nearest schools attended, as did community chiefs and delegates - men and women!

The regional government also chose to use the occasion to present scholarships to the top students in each class, so there was even more to celebrate. And to top it off, visiting Rotarians announced - to great cheering - that the next joint project is a new classroom to be built for the primary school at Oveng.

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Rotary has certainly made a lasting contribution to these communities, one that is very much appreciated. Sturdy, safe and sanitary.The Great Bear Rainforest (GBR) was originally established through land-use decisions first announced in In early , after extensive discussions with First Nations and stakeholders, a final ecosystem-based management system was agreed to and additional new areas will be protected.

Conservation Refugio Amazonas is home to Wired Amazon, our lauded initiative that connects regular people with the mind-blowing science of the rainforest!

This collection of Citizen Science projects studies everything from mammal populations to the jungle canopy to stunning Tiger Moths. In this animated science resource page with lesson plans and teaching tips,, Kindergarten to 3rd graders are introduced to rainforest habitats, layers, plants, and endangered and extinct animals.

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This art activity requires students to create an artwork of a rainforest animal by tracing our provided templates. This activity is simple and effective. Aug 22,  · Palm oil is literally everywhere – in our foods, cosmetics, cleaning products and fuels.

It’s a source of huge profits for multinational corporations, while at the same time destroying the livelihoods of smallholders. Displacement of indigenous peoples, deforestation and loss of biodiversity are all consequences of our palm oil consumption. Rainforest Listening is an augmented reality project that layers rainforest soundscapes in urban environments.

Listeners access the sounds via mobile devices and sculpt their own experience by walking through urban environments and triggering geolocated .

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