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Project hosting

Conclusion Introduction When your business relies on a service-oriented architecture, you must make sure that your services are robust. You must ask yourself several questions when thinking about hosting services: What are the availability requirements of my services?

How am I going to manage and deploy my services? Do I need to support older versions of my services? Learning how to cover these business requirements is essential to developing successful services.

As you learned in Chapter 3, you have to host services on your own host. Windows Communication Foundation WCF doesn't come with its own host, but instead comes with a class called ServiceHost that allows you to host WCF services in your own application easily. You don't have to think about any of the network Project hosting specifics to be able to make sure that your services are reachable.

It's a matter of configuring your services' endpoints either programmatically or declaratively, and calling the Open method of ServiceHost. All of the generic functionality regarding bindings, channels, dispatchers, and listeners that you learned about in Chapter 3 is integrated into ServiceHostBase and ServiceHost.


This means that the responsibility of the application that you use to host your service, the application where ServiceHost is running, is significantly less than you would expect up front. This chapter is about which types of applications you can use to host ServiceHost.

In addition, you will learn about the differences when you want to consume these services hosted in different applications. After completing this chapter, you will have the following knowledge: The different hosting options available to you The advantages and disadvantages of each hosting option Guidance on when to choose each hosting option Architectural guidance on how Microsoft implemented the different hosting options, and the extensibility points that each option has Exploring Your Hosting Options On the Microsoft.

NET platform, you have several types of managed Windows applications that you can create with Microsoft Visual Studio. For obvious reasons, we don't consider any of the other templates to be viable options to use in the services world.

Microsoft Project Server Hosting

It is worth noting, however, that WCF doesn't block you from running your service in any other type of application as long as it provides you with a. If you don't know the concepts behind a. NET application domain, please refer to the "Understanding.

Project hosting

NET Application Domains" section that follows. It all comes down to the requirements you have for your host. To summarize the options, think about the following three generic categories of hosts for your WCF services: Self-hosting in any managed. NET application Hosting in a Windows service Hosting in different versions of IIS As you can imagine, all of these have associated project templates in Visual Studio, as mentioned earlier in this section, and all of them have their own characteristics.

Project hosting

To get a better understanding of which host is the best in each situation, you must understand the requirements and the features hosts typically have. After you understand this, we will walk you through each hosting option individually.

NET Application Domains Assuming you understand the role of Windows processes and how to interact with them from managed code, you must investigate the concept of a.

To run your managed.

Project Zomboid Game Server Hosting

NET code in a process, you create assemblies. These assemblies are not hosted directly within a Windows process. Instead, the common language runtime CLR isolates this managed code by creating separate logical partitions within a process called an application domain. A single process may contain multiple application domains, each of which is hosting distinct pieces of code encapsulated in assemblies.

This subdivision of a traditional Windows process offers several benefits provided by the. The main benefits are as follows: Application domains provide the operating system—neutral nature of the.

NET platform by abstracting away the concept of an executable or library. Application domains can be controlled and un loaded, as you want. Application domains provide isolation for an application or within a process where multiple application domains live.

Application domains within a process are independent of each other and as such remain functional when one fails the other. Hosting Environment Features A.

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NET application requires a hosting Windows process. Inside that Windows process, you can host multiple. An application domain is the means for the.Project Host runs on donations from private people, churches, fundraising (see the BBQ Cook-off event below), garden sales or community dinners. Each month, you can participate in the community dinner: 3-course meals cooked by the students of the Culinary School.

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Each ProjectLocker project comes with its own private source code repository (Subversion hosting or Git hosting). Git & SVN repositories are compatible with standard clients.

Git & SVN repositories are compatible with standard clients. Jun 02,  · github is a popular site for hosting projects using the git SCM. It provides some basic project tools such as an issue tracker, wiki, and releases.

It provides some basic project tools such as an issue tracker, wiki, and releases. Alioth is a free software hosting system managed by the Debian project, which runs a slightly modified version of the GForge software.

Most of the projects hosted by Alioth are packaging existing software in the Debian format.

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