Pool vac

Pool Vacuum Pool Vacuum A swimming pool vacuum is a quick solution to cleaning up miscellaneous debris that can be found in your pool.

Pool vac

How to Make a Pool Porta-Vac Pump Mark Garcia by Mark Garcia April 14, Back when I was servicing a pool for a living, we used our Porta-Vac every day, to vacuum pools with poor suction, or to vacuum to waste on a filter without a multiport valve.

And we also used it to start vacuuming a pool during spring opening, without waiting for the filter system to be started. A Porta-Vac is short for Portable Vacuum, and in a nutshell, it's a pool pump with a power cord attached.

Hose adapters are used to connect suction hose vacuum hose and discharge hose another vac hose, or backwash hose with clamp. Pool vac you find it nearly impossible to vacuum into your filter system because of poor suction, or you can't vacuum to waste with your slide valve or cartridge pool filter, or if you take care of several pools and want a consistent method - make a Porta-Vac pool pump!

But not just any pump, it has to have a reversible voltage motor, so that the motor wires can be switched to accept V from a power cord. Most aboveground pool pumps accept V, and most inground pumps are reversible. And if the pump is too large, or too powerful, the vacuum head can become stuck to the floor.

It must be a 3-prong grounded plug with 2 power leads and a green ground wire. You can buy extra protection with a power cord that has a built in GFCI, to shut off power if it senses voltage loss grounding through you!

Go the extra step and secure the cord into the knock-out using a cable clamp connector, so the wires can't be pulled out of the motor. We typically cut off the smaller tip on the end of the adapter for 1. We also have a 90 deg elbow hose adapter.

You can also use Hard PVC on the discharge outlet of the pump. In this way you have a carry handle for the pump and in some cases may not need to attach any discharge hose. Ideally it won't be too powerful like a large Whisperflo or Northstar pump.

A medium head pump like the Superpump or Superflo1 or 1. It needn't be a new pool pump, it could be a used junker from Craigslist, as long as it works, it need not be pretty. Ideally, it would have a large strainer basket on the front, to keep from having to empty the basket too often, although an inline leaf strainer can be used.

Can aboveground pool pumps be used? Some will say that you can't - because aboveground pumps are not self-priming. That is, they are designed to be installed Below water level, and have difficulty lifting water vertically.

However, If it's placed on the pool deck, less than a foot above the water level, it will catch prime, no problem.Please keep a copy of all materials submitted for your records. All requests and documents submitted will become the property of Hayward® Industries, Inc.

Pool vac

Duplicate requests will not be honored and will become the property of Hayward Industries, Inc. The Leisure Vac Supreme is designed to operate on all styles of swimming pools so if you have an inground gunite, fiberglass or vinyl pool or an above ground soft sided or steel wall pool the Leisure Vac Supreme is your answer to free up your time.

Description. Propulsion Kit – a direct replacement for your Hayward Pool Vac/Navigator. This is a high quality replacement part that is proudly manufactured right here in the United States.

Pool vac

We guarantee this part to be a direct fit onto your Hayward Pool Vac or Navigator swimming pool cleaner. Choose a product that meets your needs As the industry innovator for over a decade, Water Tech has streamlined the task of pool cleaning with our line of cordless, rechargeable Pool .

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