Love in much ado about nothing

On the surface this appears to be a rather fairy-tale like ending, and both sets of lovers in this play, Claudio with Hero and Beatrice with Benedick, seem to end the play in a happy relationship. However, if we say, as William G. Looking at the play in this way, we can say that in Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare makes the point that true love is achieved with understanding, trust, and commitment by examining the relationships of the contrasting sets of lovers: This subject alone could probably fill several philosophical essays, so for this essay let us define true love as being a relationship that is based on something more than outward appearances or material goods, and being a relationship in which both lovers are prepared to be committed to the other despite any hardships or mistakes their partners might make.

Love in much ado about nothing

Utterly enchanting evening in a truly wonderful hall. The writing was spot on. We were smiling, laughing all the way through.

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The Salsa songs came on and I was just in my chair wanting to shimmy and shake a bit. It was just fantastic! It really was a combo between the Shakespeare and Salsa and modern day and I really recommend it. The dialogue and the dancing was just incredible. So glad I came.

I'd love to see it again.

Love in much ado about nothing

Catch them there until 18th Aug at pic. Excellent performances by all and brilliantly adapted. Down in sunny Cadiz, young Faith is due to marry Calvin, who adamantly refuses to learn to dance.

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Roped in by her charismatic father, Leon, to inspire Calvin onto the dancefloor, ex flames Bea and Ben re-ignite their spiky and passionate association — rather against their wills. Will a once-solid relationship be destroyed forever, or can it be restored through the magic of love and Salsa?

Brilliant show last night. It was brilliant - a wonderful adaption - I loved the twist.

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Adding the Salsa and music really brought it alive and made it great all-round entertainment. Fab cast, script and salsaing! You were fabulous darling! Really good adaptation of Shakespeare. Nice little subtle nuances and homages to the original play. You need to go and see it.

Get down and see it.

Love in much ado about nothing

A clever take on an old favourite by Shakespeare. Treat yourself and a friend to one of their shows. It promises to be an uplifting fun-filled evening.Love in Much Ado About Nothing is a complex topic. Love might be the unintentional result of hatred, or the incidental fact of marriage.

Shakespeare mocks the resolutions of courteous love which was popular at the time. Shakespeare’s treatment of love in " Much Ado About Nothing" differs from his other romantic comedies.

Sure, it shares the same stagy plot, which finishes with the lovers finally getting together, but Shakespeare also mocks the conventions of courtly love that were popular at the time. Like many of his comedies, William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing involves young couples getting together, or trying to get together, and .

Benedick delivers this speech to Claudio and Don Pedro. Don Pedro has just quoted an old adage about even the wildest of people eventually calming down enough to submit to love and marriage, suggesting that in time even a savage bull will bear the yoke of a woman’s will.

Much Ado About Nothing fizzes with sparkling wit and romance. Although the path of true love certainly does not run smooth, as the lovers face obstacles both accidental and on purpose, it’s impossible not to be swept along by the original and best romcom.

We’ve just completed touring of a brand new play, inspired by Shakespeare’s glorious ‘Much Ado About Nothing’.

Down in sunny Cadiz, young Faith is due to marry Calvin, who .

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