Lesson plan on teaching a descriptive

Students will be able to identify and use adjectives in their sentences. Introduction 10 minutes Ask the kids to describe what the weather was like when they arrived at school this morning. Record students' descriptive responses on the board. Underline and identify the adjectives in their sentences.

Lesson plan on teaching a descriptive

The Planning Calendar The chicken or the egg? The unit plans or the long range plan? I struggled with which post to type up first. I chose to focus on Long Range Plans next because that's what I start with each year. However, you would have to have at least an "outline" of your unit plans before creating your first long range plan.

Since my unit plans are in place from year to year, I create my long range plans for the next year on my spring break each year. I wasn't able to do it this year because my district still hasn't released it's calendar for next year yet.

There's a delay because state testing dates haven't been set. These are my lifeline for the year. Not sure how I ever lived without creating these! Of course, this is just a flexible plan and things DO change. If we need more or less time on a unit, that's fine!

It happens and I adjust. But, this really helps me stay on track and know what is coming ahead. I print this little plan out - fitting each quarter on one-page is a must for this OCD girl - and keep it in the front of my lesson plan binder.

I refer to it often to keep myself on track. No matter how you end up writing your lesson plans, I would highly recommend creating Long Range Plans for yourself.

The more you are planned, the more you can be organized. The more you're organized, the less stress you will feel during the year!

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You can download the template that I start with for creating my LRP's each year below. It is a Word document, so experience with resizing and merging table cells will be helpful. For example, if my addition and subtraction unit was 12 days long, I would highlight 12 cells beneath math see image below then go to Layout and select Merge Cells.

Once I have the cells merged, then I would be ready to add my text. I would simply type the text I wanted there and then change the direction of the text see image below by clicking on Layout and then Text Direction. One word of advice - make sure you have your unit timelines ready before beginning and to count your days carefully - it's nearly impossible to "unmerge" or "undo" after you start this process.

Seeing your year planned out ahead of time is a lifesaver and will really cut down on your stress during the year! I'll see you again next week for Writing Unit Plans!

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For future templates, starting with the school year, simply search for the year in the search bar on my blog.Oct 06,  · Improve your students' writing skills with this neat lesson on adjectives.

From bright to dark, light to heavy, your little writers will be able to describe the world around them in no time/5(3). When teaching a lesson on descriptive writing, students may write descriptively in the moment, but once the lesson is over, they tend to revert to their former ways.

This lesson helps students learn to apply effective writing techniques on their own over time without constant reminders from the teacher.

Resource Description: This detailed lesson plan provides teachers with an introductory lesson to the unit on developing descriptive writing skills.

Lesson plan on teaching a descriptive

it takes into account the fact that different learners learn differently, thus incorporating Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences. It also includes the resources that one could use the classroom, at the .

lesson plan on Teaching a Descriptive Writing. Topics: Writing, Lesson Plan in Teaching Profession I.

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Once I have my long range plans and units developed, I create a Planning Calendar. This is like my teaching bible, y'all! It goes everywhere with me.

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