How to write a brief biography book review

The review conveys an opinion, supporting it with evidence from the book. Do you know how to write a book review? I blithely assured myself it would simply be a matter of picking up Book Reviews for Dummies, or something to that effect.

How to write a brief biography book review

Caro was born in New York in It also won him the freedom to dedicate himself to his next subject, LBJ. In addition to the countless hours he has spent in archives poring over memos and correspondence, Caro has camped out alone in the Texas Hill Country; persuaded former senator Bill Bradley to serve as a model on the Senate floor Bradley is roughly the same height as Johnson, making him a useful stand-in ; and tracked down virtually everyone who ever knew Johnson, from his siblings to his chauffeur.

Caro now spends most of his days in the Columbus Circle office, writing. My tardiness visibly irritated Caro, who had broken off his work in anticipation of my arrival.

Waving aside my offer to postpone, he ignored my apologies and began answering my questions in a taut, quiet voice. But as the interview progressed, Caro was warmed by his enthusiasm for his subject, speaking faster and more animatedly, chopping at the air in his eagerness to bring Lyndon Johnson to life.

My mother got very sick when I was five, and she died when I was eleven. My father was a Polish immigrant.

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Books were not part of the house, but my mother, before she died, had my father promise to send me to Horace Mann. I was the editor of the school newspaper.

I said that would be great, so long as they made it for something that I really wanted to be studied. And they said, Well, what is that? I said, I want students to learn that writing, the quality of the prose, matters in nonfiction, that writing matters in history.

When you were at Horace Mann, you thought you would pursue journalism? CARO Not journalism, necessarily. I wrote short stories for the literary magazine. But Ina and I wanted to get married right after graduation, so I really needed a job.

So I went to work for them. The line between the paper and the Democratic county organization was nonexistent, basically. So I went to graduate school at Rutgers, as a teaching assistant.

And while I was there, the president of Rutgers approached the English department because a guy named Lansing P. Shield—then the president of the Grand Union company—wanted to run for governor, and he needed a speechwriter. The head of the English department recommended me because I had written speeches for the city council.

Now, I wrote speeches for this guy, Lansing P. CARO I loved being a reporter. The paper assigned me to cover this bridge that Robert Moses wanted to build.Get the details on what these assignments entail and how to write a great book report.

High school-level papers should include publication information as well as brief statements about the book's angle, the genre, Here's How to Write a Stellar, Insightful Film Review. 6 Tips for Writing a Newspaper Article. Don't be intimidated by famous authors -- many have written mediocre books.

Don't review books by people you know, love, or hate. Do you want to be a book reviewer?

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Start by doing. Write book reviews for local newspapers. If they don't have a book review section, start one. Don't read reviews of the book you intend on reviewing, but rather read reviews of other biographies. Research the biography subject matter, either before or after you read your selected book.

how to write a brief biography book review

Knowing about the subject will be helpful in determining if the author of the book you are reviewing, in your opinion, omitted important facts. The latest entry in the publisher's War Culture series, this one from a veteran cultural historian who writes that "since early childhood America's wars [have] been defining historical periods in my life.".

The following is a guide to writing a book review; but, you need to know that they are just suggestions to think about.

Write down a summary of essential information, like title, author, copyright date, kind of book, price, subject matter of . Tom arrived in Paris on March 8, — the day Of Time and the River was published.

The book was well received, and most critics compared Tom to the greatest of writers: Dickens, Joyce, and Proust.

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