Discuss the methods of approaches to offender profiling essay

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Discuss the methods of approaches to offender profiling essay

Criminal Punishment Retribution A forensic investigation is carried out during the investigation examination of many criminal and civil cases. It is a practice of establishing the legal facts and evidences, which should be presented in the court.

A forensic investigation is related to one of the most common and fully developed forms of forensics. The variety of physical, chemical and physicochemical methods is widely used during conducting forensics. Furthermore, the practice of manufacturing expert appraisals and experimental studies suggest that some of these problems can be solved using the methods of inductive and deductive profiling.

Inductive profiling collects information that is based on some statistical data concerning past criminals, different types of past crimes and past analogous criminal and other offenses.

In turn, deductive profiling focuses on the crime scenes and various real, tangible, physical evidences left by the criminal.

Discuss the methods of approaches to offender profiling essay

This process takes a lot of time and is very slow because the criminalists should carefully examine and explore different forensic reports, various evidences left by an offender at the crime scene, etc.

Thus, this paper introduces inductive and deductive profiling. It presents and examines the main characteristics of these two different methods, and draws a parallel and a comparison between inductive and deductive profiling.

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The background of using inductive and deductive profiling The development and implementation of new methods of investigation, based on the achievements of natural and engineering sciences, will undoubtedly help to strengthen the evidentiary value of the conclusions.

This is a widespread fact that inductive and deductive profiling is mostly used in trace, forensic and ballistic analyses. In criminalistics, the following factors were the prerequisites for the use of profiling methods: The possibility of applying the instruments of industrial production, which naturally contributes to their rapid implementation in the practice; High sensitivity, accuracy and objectivity of these methods in measuring surface microprofiles; In some cases, the possibility of obtaining such information that cannot be obtained with the help of other methods.

There are two directions in forensic studies of the individual offender: In addition, it is necessary to define the general requirements for all methods of forensic investigation of the individual. Methods that can be used to investigate the accused should be primarily scientific and legal.

Special methods are used for learning and researching of individual phenomena, events or facts.

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In this context, modeling as a forensic method is also used in searching for an unidentified person who committed a crime. The process of compiling a probable psychological portrait of an unknown offender is called criminal profiling.

Purposes and methods of criminal profiling The major purposes of criminal profiling are to identify strategies for a preliminary investigation.

The process of criminal profiling is defined as a method of identifying unique and typical psychophysiological features of the offender who committed a crime under the non-obviousness conditions.

The techniques of criminal profiling basically use already stored personal information about people who have committed various crimes.

It is important to study behavior: It is not superfluous to mention that it is manifested in dynamics and may vary.Offendor Profiling (difference between UK and US approach) Word Count: ; Approx Pages: 2; Save Essay ; The American approach and the British approach are two different approaches to offender profiling (which aims to aid the identification, apprehension and conviction of an unknown criminal and to narrow the field of /5(3).

The Texarkana Gazette is the premier source for local news and sports in Texarkana and the surrounding Arklatex areas. In recent years, there are more and more people have become increasingly fascinated by offender profiling because of the influence of media.

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An example of this is the well-known criminal profiling film The Silence of the Lambs, which is based on the Thomas Harris novel of the same name.

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