Democracy is better than military rules

Burma remains a country in transition to democracy, and faces significant ongoing challenges and human rights issues.

Democracy is better than military rules

Why is civilian rule better than military rule in nigeria?

Democracy widely supported, little backing for rule by strong leader or military

Under a good civilian rule, people have the right to express their feeling on whatsoever matter that may arrive the country but under a military rule everything is done throug…h the use of coersion, there is no room for your Opinion, everything is just done by forces Is democracy better than military?

If you are asking, "Is having a democracy safer and more civil then having the military run the country? From numerous studies, whe…n the military are under control, there is violence, stronger laws and the up heave of "rebels".

If the country is controlled by the "government" that is affiliated and sought strongly and solely on the basis of the military, then that is another story. Why is civilan rule better than military rule in nigeria?

Its not because under military rule there was less crime and the economy was prosperous. Also there was less problems with Muslim militant groups than there is now. The mili…tary rules by force and not by the will of the people. Military rule is seldom for the good of the people.

Civil rights, in fact basic human rights are often none existent under military rule. Civilian rule is better than Military rule?

Well actually to be a good community you need both because think of segregation. If it were civilian rule black people would still be in separate schools and public places tha…n white people. Military rule is bad sometimes because it may turn into a dictatorship cilivian rule is better than military because cilivian are more civilized than the military they are more peaceful than military Share to:Democracy widely supported, little backing for rule by strong leader or military.

compared with 80% who support representative democracy among those who say life is better than it was a half century ago.

There is minority support for a governing system in which the military rules the country: a median of 24% in the 38 nations surveyed. Digital Disconnect: How Capitalism is Turning the Internet Against Democracy [Robert W.

Democracy is better than military rules

McChesney] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Celebrants and skeptics alike have produced valuable analyses of . Corruption is both a major cause and a result of poverty around the world.

Democracy is better than military rules

It occurs at all levels of society, from local and national governments, civil society, judiciary functions, large and small businesses, military and other services and so on.

Civil War, Despotism and Democracy - a brief history of Spain during the 20th Century. Fear's Empire: War, Terrorism, and Democracy [Benjamin R. Barber] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fear's Empire lays the foundation for a principled opposition based on America's truest and best values.

--Senator Gary Hart The author of Jihad vs. McWorld analyzes how American foreign policy has gone wrongand how it . What is Democracy? There seems to be a lot of confusion about what the word Democracy means.

In spite of the fact that at least in some parts of the world one can hear it from the media every day.

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